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Kylie’s success with her album DUSTY BOTTLE (Darryl Kirkup Award 2014. Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards Female Vocal 2014 & 2015 and TSA nominations) prompted her to return to SWINGIN’ DOOR PRODUCTIONS with the resulting album – NOTHIN’S BOTHERIN’ ME  kicking off with OLD TIME LOVIN’ and progressing through a diverse range of song styles including traditional Australian bush ballads and warm laid-back stories through to contemporary bluesy, and up-tempo country.

Nothin’s Botherin’ Me

Old Time Lovin’ – even in today’s busy world we hold on to what’s good and enjoy the simple things – classically country –

They Sang Amazing Grace – “I was asked to sing for an ANZAC Day memorial and as I gazed around at those present, I was touched by the number of women standing alone – they each have their own story… This song is a reminder that those who stand for our great country are not just soldiers – they are people with a history and a family” – lest we forget!

Ain’t Necessarily So – with a blusey influence this has been a favourite over the years

Rock Me Baby – when she first started out playing in pubs, Kylie decided she wanted some originals added to her songlist

So Lazily – Australia is a dry continent and this bouncy ballad is in celebration of her rivers

I’ll Keep You Safe – laid back and bluesy

Cheatin’ Teasin’ Temptress – this story seems to dance around the fringes of a gypsy camp

Under the Belah Trees (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2017)      – (belah is a sheoak tree found in brigalow scrub) traditional Australian bush ballads are an important part of our culture as are those who have gone before us – in tribute to Banjo Patterson and the wonderful legacy he left us with…

You’d Still be Mine – forever is still possible

Boogie Sway and Swing – throw musicians in a room and let them kick back and relax

Nothin’s Botherin’ Me – in memory of the old campfire crooners, Kylie reminisces – heading out to muster on a station in Australia’s beautiful Kimberly region

All original songs ©


Thank-you to Bradley Bergen (drums) Ian Lees (bass) Tim Crouch (fiddle) Garry Steele (piano accordion & piano) Michel Rose (dobro, mandolin & pedal steel) Camille Te Nahu (backing vocals) Stuie French (all guitars, backing vocals, production, arrangement, recording & mixing) Jeff McCormack (mastering) Nic Commino (album graphics)

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Kylie Castle CD cover art

DUSTY BOTTLE contains a mix of twelve original country songs in the style of Kylie Castle, masterfully produced by guitar legend, Stuie French

Dusty Bottle – quality does not diminish with age (winner of the Daryl Kirkup Award 2014 – CRS Publishing)

Cloudy Days – the old image that cloudy days symbolize sadness is dismissed with this tender classically country styled song

A Settler’s wife – (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2014) (finalist TSA/APRA New Songwriter Award 2014)  – the Australian landscape is far removed from early settler’s homelands…    

Will You be Far Behind –  this song is in memory of a wonderful lady who endured the loss of her husband and later battled Alzheimer’s disease 

Lazy Hazy Day – sitting on a beach thinking of how good life currently is

Some People I’ll Never Forget – Australia is filled with so many unique characters

Ropin’ the Wind (finalist TSA/APRA New Songwriter Award 2014) – selling the family farm can be heartbreaking – sometimes it’s a new day for another family

Bow Our Heads – suicide affects too many people – written after talking to a man who had buried two loved ones in six months

Tell the Stars – sassy, smooth & bluesy

Draftin’ Gate Boogie – drafting large numbers of cattle is definitely a skill – no time to snooze as you dance the draftin’ gate boogie

The Friend I’ve Never Met (a tribute to Slim Dusty) (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2015) – songs recorded by Slim Dusty have been a constant throughout Kylie’s life

Leavin’ Meroondah – for her brother – what an overwhelming spectacle Australia painted that morning – one never to be forgetten

All original songs ©
Produced, arranged, recorded & mixed by Stuie French (Swingin’ Door Productions – Sydney)
Mastered by Jeff McCormack                                    IMG_8361 - Copy - Copy
Brad Bergen – drums
Ian Lees – bass
Mick Albeck – fiddle
Garry Steel – piano accordion & piano
Michel Rose – dobro  & pedal steel
Stuie French  – all guitars & backing vocals
Cammille Te Nahu – backing vocals
Nic Commino – album graphics