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Kylie’s success with her album DUSTY BOTTLE (Darryl Kirkup Award 2014. Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards Female Vocal 2014 & 2015 and TSA nominations) prompted her to return to SWINGIN’ DOOR PRODUCTIONS with the resulting album – NOTHIN’S BOTHERIN’ ME  kicking off with OLD TIME LOVIN’ and progressing through a diverse range of song styles including traditional Australian bush ballads and warm laid-back stories through to contemporary bluesy, and up-tempo country.

Nothin’s Botherin’ Me

  1. Old Time Lovin’ – even in today’s busy world we hold on to what’s good and enjoy the simple things – classically country – for a little taste of Old Time Lovin’  (single release on CRS Publicity)
  2. They Sang Amazing Grace – “I was asked to sing for an ANZAC Day memorial and as I gazed around at those present, I was touched by the number of women standing alone – they each have their own story… This song is a reminder that those who stand for our great country are not just soldiers – they are people with a history and a family” – lest we forget!
  3. Ain’t Necessarily So – with a blusey influence this has been a favourite over the years
  4. Rock Me Baby – when she first started out playing in pubs, Kylie decided she wanted some originals added to her songlist
  5. So Lazily – Australia is a dry continent and this bouncy ballad is in celebration of her rivers
  6. I’ll Keep You Safe – laid back and blusey
  7. Cheatin’ Teasin’ Temptress – this story seems to dance around the fringes of a gypsy camp
  8. Under the Belah Trees (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2017)      – (belah is a sheoak tree found in brigalow scrub) traditional Australian bush ballads are an important part of our culture as are those who have gone before us – in tribute to Banjo Patterson and the wonderful legacy he left us with…
  9. You’d Still be Mine – forever is still possible
  10. Boogie Sway and Swing – throw musicians in a room and let them kick back and relax
  11. Nothin’s Botherin’ Me – in memory of the old campfire crooners, Kylie reminisces – heading out to muster on a station in Australia’s beautiful Kimberly region


Thank-you to Bradley Bergen (drums) Ian Lees (bass) Tim Crouch (fiddle) Garry Steele (piano accordion & piano) Michel Rose (dobro, mandolin & pedal steel) Camille Te Nahu (backing vocals) Stuie French (all guitars, backing vocals, production, arrangement, recording & mixing) Jeff McCormack (mastering) Nic Commino (album graphics)
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Kylie Castle CD cover art

DUSTY BOTTLE contains a mix of twelve original country songs in the style of Kylie Castle, masterfully produced by guitar legend, Stuie French

  1. Dusty Bottle – (Daryl Kirkup Award 2014 – CRS Publishing)      for a taste of ‘Dusty Bottle’
  2. Cloudy Days
  3. A Settler’s wife – (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2014) (finalist TSA/APRA New Songwriter Award 2014)      for a snippet of ‘A Settler’s Wife’GC 1 - Copy - Copyfor a snippet of ‘A Settler’s Wife’
  4. Will You be Far Behind
  5. Lazy Hazy Day
  6. Some People I’ll Never Forget
  7. Ropin’ the Wind (finalist TSA/APRA New Songwriter Award 2014)
  8. Bow Our Heads
  9. Tell the Stars
  10. Draftin’ Gate Boogie
  11. The Friend I’ve Never Met (a tribute to Slim Dusty) (Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Award – Female Vocal 2015)
  12. Leavin’ Meroondah
All songs by Kylie Castle
Produced, arranged, recorded & mixed by Stuie French (Swingin’ Door Productions – Sydney)
Mastered by Jeff McCormack                                    IMG_8361 - Copy - Copy
Brad Bergen – drums
Ian Lees – bass
Mick Albeck – fiddle
Garry Steel – piano accordion & piano
Michel Rose – dobro  & pedal steel
Stuie French  – all guitars & backing vocals
Cammille Te Nahu – backing vocals
Nic Commino – album graphics