Kylie Castle's songwriting is inspired by life observations and the diverse music styles which have resonated with her. Kylie  delivers an assortment of easy listening music ranging from traditional Australian folk and bush ballads mingled with warm laid-back stories, through to bluesy, and up-tempo country, with a smattering of gospel, soul & rock n roll. 

Having always appreciated the storytelling aspect of music and poetry, Kylie was moved to pen her first song on hearing of the passing of Australian music legend, Slim Dusty. Enlisting Swingin' Door Studios - Stuie French to produce two traditionally styled albums, “Dusty Bottle” and “Nothin’s Botherin’ Me” Kylie gained recognition by winning awards for songs from both albums.

As a child, Kylie always loved music but the only way to get her to sing was to allow her to hide behind the big old timber kitchen door. Spontaneously joining a country music club, she then flirted with a stint in a rock’n’roll band and finally found her passion of expression in songwriting. From her home on the outskirts of Aratula, a small town nestled at the base of the Great Dividing Range, south-west of Brisbane, Kylie continues to expand her catalogue of original music.

“Your recording blew me away – it certainly ticks all the boxes. It is very Australian yet of world standard” 

WALLY SPARROW (Country Brekky Radio) 

“From the first notes of the title track, Dusty Bottle, right through the other 11 tracks, I was enthralled” 

PAUL ROWE (Capital News) 

“I melted like an ice cube in a hot cup of tea at the first listen. Uptempos, blues, honky tonks, R&R, boogy, I don't know how you manage to create all that” 

ROLAND LANZARONE (Le Cri du Coyote magazine & RCF Haute Normandie Radio)